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Mediums for your artwork. Sample art of different mediums. To see more click on drop down menus.

acrylic dog portrait
Acrylic art portrait of dog. Acrylic and oil are similar in durability and look. Acrylic will dry faster if you want your art sooner.
Pencil graphite female portrait art
Graphite pencil was the medium for this portrait art.
Should be handled with care as this medium can smudge. A spray fixative will be put on it and then dried (dries fast) before shipping artwork.
colored pencil dog portraits
colored pencil art with watercolor background on watercolor paper. This a mixed media using colored pencil for detail areas. Colored pencil takes no drying time and can be shipped once art is finished.
pastel portrait husband and wife
Pastel is the medium for this family portrait art. It is done on paper. Care must be taken when handling as pastels can smudge. I spray the pastel with a fixative to fix the chalk before sending.
oil Jovi dog portrait art
dog portrait done as an oil art painting on canvas. Oil takes several weeks drying time before it can be shipped and should be handles carefully as complete drying may take a year.
watercolor house art
Client wanted house portrait done in watercolor.
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