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Dear Client,


I hope this web site is enough information for you to feel comfortable hiring me for your art or purchasing my artwork. My art studio has been registered as a business in Butler County, Pennsylvania for over 25 years as "Photobarn".


Please feel free to contact me with questions. I am available in my studio from 10 AM until 4 PM EST weekdays. However as an artist I am often out of my studio taking art to art shows or galleries, or working on location, so please leave a message and I will call you back at an appropriate time. Let me know the best time and number to call. Often clients are having art done as gifts so make sure I am not contacting the recipient of the gift.  Also I do screen calls if I don't recognize the number. 
Emails work also anytime.   email: dianejorstad@gmail.com

Commission artist diane jorstad

Photo of artist. Diane art business is registered with Butler County for over 25 years. She is known in her community and has sold artwork throughout the US.