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   Landscapes on these pages are sold. These are examples of styles that you can have the artist  custom paint from your photograph of your favorite vacation photo or your backyard view. Style ranges from realism to impressionistic fine art. All are original landscape oil paintings on canvas.                                                                                                                                                                      Scenic art :   PAGE 1     Page  2   Page 3    Page 4 (OPEN)   Page 5    Page 6
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Artworks are original oil paintings on canvas. Commission a painting in the custom style of your choice. Fine art is traditional family art. Shadows and reflections. Autumn golden colors. Stairs in shadows. Umbrellas on a deck in the sun.  Crooked window on an old barn wall with light shadows and wild plant. Nature always beautiful.

"Golden Stairs"

H 24" x W 36"

Oil on Canvas